Posted by: SOE | April 29, 2009

Try Something New

This is a big week around SOE. We’ve launched Free Realms! Free Realms now joins the wide selection of games we already have in the SOE portfolio.  It’s a different kind of game for us, and one we hope will reach a much broader audience than our other titles. Free Realms isn’t the typical  MMO that we’ve done in the past, but a much more accessible and light hearted look at a world. This game was designed with the idea that it would be playable by a much wider range of ages, the 8 to 80 that you hear so much about. I’ve seen children playing this as young as 3, and folks my age (and that’s old!) having just as much fun. With a plethora of minigames, to more 3D style events like kart racing and combat, there’s fun for everyone.
There’s a new business model involved, too. As the name implies, you can play for free. Just hit the website, sign up for an account and you are off and running! If you already have a station account, then just sign in! There’s an optional membership available for purchase that gives you access to even more stuff like additional jobs, more character slots, leaderboards and much more for only $4.99 per month. There is the opportunity to engage in microtransanctions to purchase items for use in-game, from clothing to pets, trading cards for the card game, potions and other boosts, weapons, tools, racing karts, food…and I’m pretty sure I saw the proverbial kitchen sink! Of course, this is the first time we’ve done a game like this, and it’s pretty darn exciting for all of us.

I would heartily encourage you to jump in and have some fun. Check it out at:

Bruce “Froech” Ferguson

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