Posted by: SOE | October 24, 2008

Happy Days In Guk

So what is an Associate Producer supposed to do in between two big updates (Guild Halls just past and The Shadow Odyssey around the corner)?
Aside from watching for live issues and trying to figure out how to make the launch go as smooth as possible on November 18th, I’ve been spending time deciding what zone in the upcoming expansion is my favorite. 
I was pretty biased when I started.  When I found out what the expansion was going to be I had a really strong leanings toward being able to return to the Guk dungeons.  Although ducks are my absolute favorite in game and in real life, frogs and frogloks are a big favorite of mine in game.  I spent many many formative levels in EverQuest killing frogloks.  I knew the spawn camps and locations in those dungeons better than I knew my own house.
But frogloks were a given for the Guk dungeons.  My first question to our character artists was “Can we have those big creepy hands in our Guk?” and of course they had already decided we would.  And did they ever deliver.  

Not only are these hands creepy in their own right, but they bring back lots of memories for me of happy days in Guk.
The other thing I’ve been up to is making sure the Nights of the Dead event got out live properly.  We had a lot of great feedback from the Test community this year before it went live and I think its turned into a really fun event.
If you haven’t already I’d point you over to the video that we made this year, it’s a nice teaser on the event that is running now.

-Jennifer “Kristie” Gerull

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  1. Great job on the Guild Halls they look great!!!

    I can’t be postive about TSO as I have seen how bad it in is beta with your lead devloper having fun destroying classes… I am not even a guardian, and that massive nerf was just uncalled for. You guys just don’t seem to get the idea of “boost” the other classes, and stop tossing nerf bats on people.

    On the other side of the spectrum abilities that were unique to some classes, are given away just as they were in RoK. This was not that common prior to Chris K becoming a Lead Designer for EQ2, but since he has been with this project I have not seen anything produced that would be worth while for me to continue to play this game.

    Please locate a new lead developer and fix this game before it’s too late! I know of over 10 people that I personally know that are quitting this game including me. That’s a loss of almost $1800.00 on subscriptions, and another loss of $400.00 on the expansion pack. Resulting in a $2200.00 loss just from what “one” customer knows. Look at your beta forums… there’s alot more than 10 people saying they are quitting, and I believe that you will lose much more having Chris K as your developer.

    I have been a follower of this game for years, and you used to have one GREAT product, and I loved all of the cool content. DoF, KoS, and EoF were awesome. RoK I was not too fond of, but TSO was just the last straw.

    I hope some changes from SoE start to happen soon!

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